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We Engage with China

We inform our research with practical, on-the-ground expertise based on
 our five years as one of 36 best-in-class U.S.-China EcoPartnerships 


Sub-National Leadership


The China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP) is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration – primarily on public/private clean technology initiatives – between the tri-state Greater Philadelphia region and the Jing-Jin-Ji region of northeastern China.  Our objective locally is to accelerate job creation, attract investment, and support clean technology business flows through strategic linkages between Greater Philadelphia and China. Our objective globally is to support Paris Accord goals through strategic sub-national cooperation between the U.S and China. In 2014, our efforts were recognized by the governments of the United States and China when we were competitively selected as one of 36 best-in-class U.S.-China EcoPartnerships.  Our three-year award with partner Tianjin Economic-technologic Development Zone (TEDA) EcoCenter won one-year extensions in 2018 and 2019.  Our U.S. EcoPartnership peers include GE, Boeing and Coca-cola.






The foundation for our work is two-fold.  From 1988-2008, China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia Founder, Merritt T. ('Terry') Cooke, served as a Commercial Officer in Shanghai and as the U.S. Senior Commercial Officer in Taiwan on this way to joining the U.S. Senior Foreign Service and the World Economic Forum. In 2010, he joined the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. as a Policy Scholar on U.S,.-China Clean Energy Cooperaiton and, in 2012, published Sustaining U.S.-China Cooperation in Clean Energy.  

On his return to Philadelphia, Terry founded the China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia​ as an open platform for regional collaboration --- among businesses, local governments, universities and other non-profits -- in support of the Ten Year Framework for U.S.-China Cooperation on Energy and the Environment. 



Cultural Leadership

In 2011-2012, China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP) was engaged as a consultant by The Philadelphia Orchestra to help pilot their ground-breaking China Residency Model. Terry Cooke also joined The Orchestra's Global Advisory Board in 2012.  Over subsequent years, Terry joined the Orchestra on its China Tours and CPGP hosted VIP receptions prior to performances.

In 2017, CPGP organized the PHL-China Cultural Leaders Alliance made up of twelve cultural organizations based in Philadelphia with active China programs.

In 2019, CPGP is introducing the PHL-China Cultural Leaders cohort to the Silk Road Centre, a showcase facility in Jing-Jin-Ji.




Whether you are in northeast China, the heart of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic or anywhere else in the world, you are a vital part of a local watershed ecosystem.  

To move from merely sustainable adaptation to truly regenerative adaptation, the health of our watersheds is as vital to our ecological well-being as the health as our lungs and our heart is to our physiological well-being.

By partnering with the Delaware River Watershed Initiative, by authoring a peer-reviewed article for Natural Areas Journal, by promoting a U.S.-China Sister Wetlands Agreement between by the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum and the Baiyangdian National Wetlands in Hebei Province (and Jing-Jin-Ji New Area) and by hosting a "Stewarding Water, Local Protection, Global Connections" Gala at the Philadelphia Waterworks, our engagement arm -- represented by the China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia -- is marshalling global connections to help protect local resources.

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